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The Kirishtan Holocaust Memorial Museum

The Holocaust Museum

In Memoriam

to the nearly one million indigenous Japanese Christians who were martyred for their faith in the Kirishtan Holocaust over a 250-year period beginning February 5, 1597.

The Kirishtan Holocaust Memorial Museum

The Eastern Cross Museum Opens in Tokyo!

The Eastern Cross Museum which follows The Eastern Cross on its journey across the Silk Road to Japan is the only such Museum in Japan.

Kirishtan ArtifactFeaturing a daily multimedia presentation, Internet Website the Museum displays artifacts from the Keikyo, Kirishitan, Kakure Kirishitan eras up to the present day.

Included are Keikyo crosses, a rubbing of the Keikyo Monument in Koya San, rare Keikyo documents tracing the journey of The Eastern Cross to Japan as early as 198/199 AD.

Further items range from actual Fumie, wooden boards on which the early Kirishitan were forced to step to renounce their faith, an actual Kirishitan Prohibition Board and items from the daily live of the Kirishitan including roof tiles, combs, mirrors, cups, plates and various other extremely rare items.

Kakure Kirishitan items include hidden crosses on the back of Buddha figures, in pictures testimony to the strong faith of the Kakure Kirishitan.

The museum is a moving experience as one can see how the symbol of The Eastern Cross journeyed across The Silk Road, changing as it moved and finally settling in Japan.

Kirishtan ArtifactA number of maps on site trace the journey as well as maps of various Eastern Cross sites one can visit even today for a firsthand view of this amazing and little part of the rich history that is Japan.

The artifacts have been gathered from various private collections throughout Japan and the Museum is appealing to the general public for individual items held in private hands to be included as the Museum expands and is the only facility where such items can be viewed on a daily basis as well as the only display of Keikyo items in Japan.

The Museum is open from 10 to 6 every day except for Sunday and is accessible from the Kamiyacho Station on the Hibiya Line at exit number 2. Please proceed towards the Russian Embassy and the Museum is in the Art Plaza on the right side after the Tatami Shop.

For further information call 03-5780-5456, 03-3585-2261, or email

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