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The 400th Anniversary

In Memoriam

to the nearly one million indigenous Japanese Christians who were martyred for their faith in the Kirishtan Holocaust over a 250-year period beginning February 5, 1597.

The 400th Anniversary of the Kirishtan Holocaust

Kirishtan artifact

February 5, l997 is being memorialized as the 400th anniversary of the first killings of the Kiristan Holocaust in which approximately one million Kiristan or indigenous Japanese Christians were slaughtered for their faith. Christians throughout the world are asked to intervene on behalf of the entire nation of Japan in prayer.

Though it is the target of extensive Christian missionary activity, today's Japan has fewer Christians than nearly any other nation. Only three-tenths of one percent of all Japanese claim to be Christians.

A special museum is being established in Japan as a memorial to the Kiristan martyrs who gave their lives for the cause of Christ. We appeal for information, artifacts, books concerning the Kiristan, Keikyo, Eastern Christianity, prayer, revival, eastern church history and any other Christian books for the Museum Library.

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