First published work of Yoshiro Saeki. Printed in 1916 by the S.P.C.K in London, with preface by Syriac scholar, Professor A.H.Sayce. Highly commended by Lord William Cecil, and His Excellency Dr. Hattori of The Tokyo Imperial University and Director of The Institute of the Oriental Cultural Academy.

At the time of its printing there was already a craze of books being published in Europe about the Keikyo Monument and the newly excavated relics of this ancient church coming out of China and Manchuria at a rapid pace since the mid 19th century. Saeki`s work was given special attention because it was the first book on this subject in English written by an Eastern scholar from Japan, instead of Europe. Saeki, a distinguished Sinologist, hoped to show the Western world that Keikyo teachings and rituals could be more easily interpreted and appreciated by those familiar with Eastern religions. One review wrote, "Saeki`s book is the most thorough and careful study of [this subject] that has yet appeared." The first and second printing were sold out within a year

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