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The Association of Christian NGOs in Japan

for Overseas Aid Assistance

Lists and activities

Akatsuki no Kai
Founded in 1994, expanding their links together with workers who get involved in International Cooperation in the third-world to catch up on their latest information regarding people who are refugees and suffering from starvation, poverty and envirenmental problems. They basicaly support some expenses for those workers they send, and cover a part of the cost for the projects they are on. They also put these articles in their magazine and report at the meetings those workers returning.
Address: c/o Tanahashi, 485-16 Ichigao, Aoba-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken 225
Tel/Fax: 045-974-2882

Asia Kyokai Asia Tomo no Kai
Founded in 1979 to promote networks for development and environmental cooperation in Asian nations, and to enhance fellowship among Asian youth for each of their cultural heritages. They have projects for supplying drinking water and development in farming.
Address: 4F Daiichi Bldg. 1-2-16 Edobori, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi Osaka-fu 550
Tel: 06-444-0587   Fax: 06-444-0581

ADRA International Assistance Organization
Founded in 1985 as a representative office in Japan by request of ADRA International, Washington D.C. to get involved with their International Aid activities in the world. It has been buit upon a Seventh Day Adventist foundation and was their spiritual base in Agape to work all over the world.
They focus on preserving human dignity which is strikingly neglected in various areas of people's lives. There are 210 projects going on to improve the living situations of the people in starvation, illness, and poor sanitary conditions.
Address: 846 Kawai-cho Arahi-ku, Yokohama-shi Kanagawa-ken 241
Tel: 045-921-4354   Fax: 045-922-9492

Catholic Shinto Senkyoyukai (Catholic Believer's Missionaries Organization)
As there is a certain role Japan plays in International Society, so Catholics must play a part in this role. They were founded in 1982 with 36 believers who were sent over to the 3rd world for a certain period. They have been developing relationships and sharing their culture, technique and faith with the people. Presently, they are sending instructors to Cambodia to assist in the area of farming, Kindergarten, Job Training Center. In Vietnam, they are developing tourism according to their need of economic growth, running a Japanese language school, and medical assistance for Nepal and Cameroon. Most recently, in far-east Russia, there is medical and farming project working with local CALITAS (Catholic assistance organizations). They persue God's will through these activities in working among those people without thought of interest/profit and position.
Address: Nihon Catholic Kaikan-nai
2-10-10, Shiomi Koto-ku Tokyo 135
Tel: 03-5632-4480   Fax: 03-5632-4465

Caritas Japan
Working for social welfare side of assistance in domestic under Nihon Catholic Shikyo Kyogikai's principle. They work also internationally linked with other organizations in the world.
Address: Nihon Catholic Kaian-nai, 2-10-10, Shiomi Koto-ku Tokyo 135
Tel: 03-5632-4439   Fax: 03-5632-4464

Kokusai Seishin Satooya Undo-bu
Founded in 1975 for the purpose of preserving peace, friendship and human dignity for the people of students and families. They have 30 offices in local areas in Philippines which is based on International child sponsorship, develop and support relief project for training program for workers and school lunch program.
Address: 2-17-5 Zenfukuji, Suginami-ku Tokyo 167
Tel: 03-3399-8123   Fax: 03-3399-0730

Japan Leprosy Mission
Founded in 1925 for the people suffered from Hanson's disease and to protect those victims from being treated discriminately. They became their helpline through visiting patients and healed people to encourage each other, helpe enlight right understandings for the disease. They have been maintaining this work in Korea for 20 years, and started to reach out in Halumahera Island of Indonesia since 1994.
Address: Matazawa Church 3-8-14, Kami-kitazawa Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 156
Tel: 03-3302-3007   Fax: 03-3303-4543

Nihon Kirisutokyo Kaigai Iryo Kyorokukai (Japan Organization of Christian Services)
They send mainly Doctors, Nurses and Health Nurses toward Asian nations and other countries in need of medical health, and support local students and trainee to learn medical health care. Founded in 1960, and they have first approved as a Corporation for International Organization for medical care assistance in Japan. They base the spirit of 'co-existance' in living together and pursue people's independency in medical health care field through KUSANONE (roots of grass).
Address: 2-3-18-33 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 169
Tel: 03-3208-2416   Fax: 03-3232-6922

The Japan Emergency Team (Nihon Kinkyu Enjotai)
Founded in 1989. They cooperate and supply the needs for the people in emergency. Basically it is ran by volunteer work among citizens as a long term project. Especially they supply clothes, foods and medical stuff for people who suffer from many disasters.
Address: Tokyo International Post Office P.O. Box 5418 100-31
Tel: 0990-53-8127   Fax: 03-3435-8127

Japan International Food for the Hungry (Nihon Kokusai Kiga Taisaku Kiko)
Founded in 1981. This is a non-profit organization based on Christitanity. The supply materials so as spritual need for the people suffer from starvation and poverty caused by disaster occurs in the world. They send volunteers to overseas to assist in the are of education, developing assistance to become independent. Also they offer update information to share and promote relief project in Japan.
Address: 5-10-5 Hon-cho Nakano-ku Tokyo 164
Tel: 03-3383-7611   Fax: 03-3383-8771

Japan YMCA
Founded in 1903. They focus on Jesus Christ as our God saviour according to His words. They gather the youth who has a desire to be His disciples in daily lives and reach out to the needy people.
Address: 2-3-18 Nishi Waseda, Shinjuku Tokyo 169
Tel: 03-3203-0171   Fax: 03-3207-0226

Philippine Kureonto o Tasukeru Ai no Kai
Founded in 1980, working in this island for sisters and brothers in Christ those who are suffering from Hanson's disease, and many children in need. Presently 402 students are supported financially under scholorship. Activities in domestic, they are reaching out to the people in Sanya in Tokyo, Kotobuki-ono in Yokohama and Kamagasaki in Osaka.
Address: c/o Mr. Shiro Iide
2-13-502 Yamazaki Danchi, 2200 Yamazaki-cho Machida-shi 195
Tel/Fax: 0427-93-3625

World Vision Japan
Founded in 1987. We are authorized by United Economic and Social Committe, and are Non Governmental Organization based on Christianity. Their international activities is to support people who are in poverty and living under pressurised situations. The purpose is to pursue righteousness to bring reform in their lives, and carry relief project for various assistance which is urgently required.

Esnac Kyoiku Satooya Group (Educational Sponsorship of Needy Asian Children)
Founded in 1979 as NGO based on Christian principles beyond religious, race, wealthy and poor and fame. Every month, 2000 Japanese Yen (bringing up children) and another 500 Yen (Administrative fee) have been supported by Child sponsorship from Japan to India, Bangladesh and other Asian countries in which have many children in need of these assistance.
It is believed that it is a Cooperation project, for our spritual poverty also must be supported by Children's prayer.
Address: 951 Fujita 1-5-18 Kanahodo Asou-ku, Kawasaki-shi 215
Tel: 044-931-3703   Fax: 044-951-9994